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aeShield Training


  • Introduction to Steam Boiler Burner Management Systems

  • Advanced Topics Burner Management Systems 


This course will teach aeShield terminology concepts, along with several key safety deliverables, including Cause and Effect (C&E) documents, Safety Requirements Specs (SRS), Override Risk Analysis (ORA) forms, Gap Assignments, View IPF list. Also, users will learn how to confirm if a change or de-commissioning of a Component or Assembly is affecting an IPF or an IPL by using Project scope reports and Tag Summary reports.


This 3 day course will teach more advanced concepts of aeShield terminology, how to change (add and edit) the design of safety systems, how to verify the achieved risk reduction factor (RRF), and the integrity level verification. The training will include knowledge transfer on where each piece of information in the Cause and Effect comes from, e.g. IPF vs. Component.


This course will teach Operations and Maintenance staff a working knowledge and understanding of aeShield and how it will be used in their work. Key areas of focus for this training session include Cause and Effects and Test Plans. Trainees will learn how to build, maintain, and edit essential data within aeShield.


This course will teach how to facilitate and effectively execute PHA and LOPA studies using aeFacilitator.

aeShield provides comprehensive training to help you improve your efficiency and output. We offer on site and online training as regular scheduled classes, but can also be reserved to a time frame that better suits your needs. Our training classes have been shown to improve efficiency, workflow, and knowledge that carries through to all aspects of your job. We offer the below classes and have incentives for reserving multiple seats. For more information please contact us via email at:

By reserving a seat in one of our certified instructor led courses, you are making an investment in your future. To find out more about the content in our training classes please click here

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