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HAZOP / PHA / LOPA Study Execution Made Simple

We enable the Process Industry to make better informed Risk Management decisions by driving consistent and efficient execution of PHA / HAZOP / LOPA studies.

See our downloadable brochure here!

Powerful Study Worksheets


•Supports PHA, HAZOP, LOPA and/or Checklist study types

•Build global PHA / LOPA study standards to drive study efficiencies

•Standard reports save manhours and drive consistency

Integrated Database


Direct integration of PHA/HAZOP and LOPA

•Study data automatically flows into Functional Safety design

•As the design evolves and Protection Layers change / targets get revised, SIFs / IPLs are automatically updated

•Rapid Process / Functional Safety Impact Analysis reporting

Downloadable Desktop


Conduct Studies Offline

•Network access NOT required to conduct a study

•Powerful / flexible Study Worksheets

•Ability to copy / clone all study data to maximize efficient use of team time

Revision Control


Revision Control Workflow to manage all data in the platform

•Supports Evergreen or traditional study execution

•Ability to create and manage projects (work in progress data)

•Promote issued project data to master as-built data

Bulk Data Management


Never pay to type data twice

•Easily bulk insert data from any 3rd party source

•Edit and manipulate multiple records at once

•Use bulk data exports for advanced updating / checking

•Central storage of all studies across an enterprise

Flexible Licensing Model

team-management (1).png

Only pay for what you need

•Simple size based licensing allows you to grow as you go

•Unlimited Users with IPL based license

•Short duration based licensing available for capital projects

Lifecycle-Enabled PHA / LOPA Engine

The cornerstone of a sustainable functional safety program is an accurate Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA). aeShield ® has a dynamic PHA/LOPA engine that supports risk assessment requirements of OSHA 1910.119 and fully integrates into the process safety lifecycle defined by ISA-84/IEC 61511.

aeShield includes a web-based interface for standards management and reporting. aeFacilitator ® provides an easy-to-use desktop application that allows users to work offline. Users can then checkout a portion of the location tree, execute the study offline, and upload the study to the central web interface when reconnected to the network.

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