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Tickets, Knowledge-Base, and Online Community

Users have the ability to submit a help ticket for a topic such as bugs, general questions, user account issues, and change requests. Having a ticket allows the user to monitor status on their support request and have immediate feedback with the ticket has been resolved.

Knowledge Base and How-To Articles
aeShield ® provides How-To articles covering topics such as proper ticket submission so that the customer can receive the most expedient and effective assistance from our support team. As users create new tickets they may be presented with potentially valuable information from our growing knowledge-base.  This added feature gives the customer flexibility to determine if their issue has already been documented and notified the user of any information our support team has provided for our customers. The knowledge-base (KB) that we provide to our customers and support staff alike is focused on documenting question/answers and issue solutions centered on our products offered.  We structure our knowledge-base around event and user-driven topics.  Our primary knowledge-based content areas consist of the following three topics:  aeShield, aeFacilitator, and a general area dedicated to more diverse information.

aeShield and aeFacilitator KB Content
Within the aeShield and aeFacilitator content areas users are provided software manuals, lists of the most up to date bugs/issues relative to the product.  Manuals provide in-depth documentation of suggested best-use of the product the content area covers.  In the bugs area, customers can browse or search for bugs/issues and their related support documented workarounds, fixes, and suggested road-maps to bug fixes.  New or high priority bugs will be presented to the customers immediately once they log into the support portal.  For historical purposes, bugs are kept to provide perspective as long as they remain topic relevant. Upon request, a secured and confidential area for maintaining sensitive support material can be made available for customers.  These areas provide information repositories secluded from other customers, as needed.

General KB Content
The general content area is comprised of the following: 

- Announcements
- Important Links
- How To's
- FAQs

Within Announcements, all customers are provided current news and business/software insider information that the general public may not be privileged to at the time.  Such annoucements may be covering planned system events (maintenance, upgrades, outages) or unplanned system events (outages, emergency actions).

How To's are generated from more specific processes that are not covered in the manuals due to their innovative nature. 

The FAQs are an evolving Question/Answer format area that covers the initial questions most users find themselves asking with answers from within aeSolutions’ talented organization.

Beyond the knowledge-base content areas customers may participate in the 'Community' area.  This is a support-moderated area that may be open format or secured by organization.  The open format allows more interaction between users across our customer-base and promotes consensus-based prioritization.  Customers may join in community conversations by topic – 'Feature Requests', 'General Discussion', or by 'Overall Grouped' questions (Questions – all available questions, or Open Questions – all questions that the moderator has not deemed properly answered).  Finally, each customer is able to keep track of all questions that they have chosen to follow in the 'Following' area.  Like hot bugs or other announcements, updates to the topics a customer has chosen to follow will also be presented at the main page after logging into support.

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