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Mike D. Scott

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I am extremely passionate about leveraging the safety lifecycle to allow a customer to cost effectively remove risk from their business. My role at aeShield provides me the opportunity to share that passion to impact actual change across the process safety industry every day. As a voting member of the ISA S84 committee, I hear the challenges of funding and managing compliance, and I’m excited by our successes in helping our clients overcome those challenges.

In my spare time, I take advantage of the fabulous fishing and hunting available here in Alaska.

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Carolyn Presgraves

Chief Operations Officer

My passion is finding ways to apply technology to use data more effectively. I’m specifically focused on allowing high value engineering resources to do more engineering and less paperwork furthering the "work smarter not harder" philosophy. I find it rewarding to not only work with industry leading subject matter experts to solve these complex problems but to also implement these solutions in the concrete form of our product. Having the ability to share these solutions with so many has allowed us to take our mission to reality every day.

My family and I enjoy spending time cooking, hiking, and a surprising number of arts and crafts.

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