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Are your compliance documents aligned to easily support daily operations?

While we have all of the data, it is nearly impossible to synchronize one report with the next – much less with our maintenance management system. Without spare bodies to connect the dots, we know we aren’t doing things that we should be to make our facility safer on a daily basis.

- I&C Group Manager

Safety Lifecycle Software Tools


SIL calculations are made simple and lifecycle-enabled while ensuring IEC 61511 / ISA 84 compliance by:

• Functional Safety Assessments
• Routine Audits
• Incident Investigations
• Bypass Management Support
• Management of Change
• Bad Actor Identification

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aeShield ® provides administrators the ability to define roles and assign users to roles for specific needs. Permissions can be assigned based on location allowing users to have different permissions at different facilities. Having control over permissions also allows administrators to easily add contract workers and assign specific permissions for those users.

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Multi-Company Execution

Information is vital when making decisions across the organization. Having data readily available for reporting and sharing with others in the organization is vital. aeShield® centralizes your process safety data and makes it available in a central location. Data can be shared more easily and updates to that data managed more efficiently. Reports from aeShield ® can be exported in multiple formats to be used across the organization.

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The management of change (MOC) process in aeShield ® requires promotion of edited project level data before that data can become the master, or AsBuilt data. Data must be 'checked' and then 'approved' before promoted to AsBuilt. Associates within your organization can be identified as users with authority to perform the 'check', 'approve' and 'AsBuilt' Direct Work toward correct competencies.

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Project Management

Project managers can easily track activity percentage completion and document 'check' and 'approval' status through our reporting

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Project Journals

Project journals give those reviewing projects the ability to monitor project status, communicate with team and access documentation quickly. Project journals have a comment component where activity performed against the project is displayed and custom comments can be entered by the team. The file component allows team members to upload relevant files and documentation against the project. Customizable project categories allow users to associate comments and files to specific project areas. This information can then be rolled-up across the organization through widgets in the health meter designed to monitor project categories for comments and associated files.

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Through the templatization features of aeShield ® common templates can be created for a project allowing for more consistency and less data entry during project execution. Templates can be created for safety instrumented function (SIF) design, safety requirements specification (SRS) datasheet and functional proof test plans through test procedures. 

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