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Real-Time Risk Management Made Simple

We Digitally Transform how process / functional safety is executed including capital projects as well as day-to-day operations and maintenance across your organization.

Enterprise Risk Management


•Real-time insight into Barrier Health 

•Proactively manage and communicate risk gaps throughout the organization 

•Automated auditing of LOPA critical IPL performance

Reduce Lifecycle Costs


•Optimize LOPA Critical IPL Mechanical Integrity requirements through reduced testing

•Ability to leverage Demands as Proof Test

•Reduce nuisance trips through improvement in Barrier performance

Digital Project Execution


Save manhours and drive consistency on EPC project execution

•Leverage our Expert System to simplify EPC process / functional safety execution

•Ability to conduct real-time auditing / functional safety assessment on projects

Improve Process / Functional Safety Performance


•Real-time insight into Barrier Health 

•Proactively manage and communicate risk gaps

•Rapid Risk Impact Analysis

Digital Asset Execution


•Provide real-time leading indicators to Operations on Barrier performance

•Collect / standardize LOPA critical  IPL proof testing results and failure classification

•Support rapid Risk Impact Analysis for MoCs, Incident Investigations, Failures, Bypasses and Demands

Flexible Licensing Model


•Only pay for what you need

•Simple size based licensing allows you to grow as you go

•Mix and match only the modules you need

•Short duration based licensing available for capital projects

•Simultaneous users all working at once

Safety Lifecycle Software Tools


SIL calculations are made simple and lifecycle-enabled while ensuring IEC 61511 / ISA 84 compliance by:

• Functional Safety Assessments
• Routine Audits
• Incident Investigations
• Bypass Management Support
• Management of Change
• Bad Actor Identification

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