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Robust SIL Calculation Engine

I’ve finally found a compliant SIL engine that is easy to use and seamlessly communicates with all of my process safety documentation. Leveraging templates minimizes design costs regardless of complexity.

-SIS Design Engineer

Embedded and Easy-To-Use

Design SIFs quickly and easily with aeShield ®. When aeShield is coupled with our Quick Start Library ™, you can hit the ground running with a generic set of equipment definitions including failure rate data. Additionally, common SIF templates are provided for immediate instantiation making SIL calculations simple.


SIL calculations are made simple and lifecycle-enabled while ensuring IEC 61511 / ISA 84 compliance by:

  • LOPA Targets from aeFacilitator ® or External Imports

  • Easy SIF Library Creation via Quick Start Library

    • Promote Existing SIFs to Library

    • Create SIFs from Library or Existing SIF

    • Package IPLs into Equipment Under Control

    • Reuse or Clone any Level of SIF Architecture

  • Robustness: Multiple Layers of Voting, and Common Cause Factors | Partial Stroke Testing | Multiple Logic Solvers | Accounts for Architectural Constraints

  • Calculate PFDavg | MTTFs | STR for Entire SIF, Inputs, Logic Solver(s), and Outputs

  • Simultaneous Sensitivity Analysis on Multiple SIFs

  • Integrate with (single place for data entry):

  • Safety Requirements Specification

  • Design Verification Report

  • Functional Test Procedures

  • Cause & Effect Intersections

  • Manually Enter Calcs at any Level of SIF Architecture

  • Manage Multiple Failure Rate Data Sets

  • Attach External Drawings and Make Comments

  • Manage User Permissions for Approval Process

  • Real-time SIL Calculations based on Testing Records

  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control on Algorithms per Voting Combinations and MoCs when Required

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