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Safety Instrumented System Prior Use Failure Rate Data - Industry Status October 5-7, 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

This moderated panel session will include end user SME's representing a variety of industries (e.g., chemicals, refining, exploration, etc.), as well as, consultant SMEs who support the process industry.

IEC 61511 clause 11.9.3 states: The reliability data used when quantifying the effect of random failures shall be credible, traceable, documented, justified and shall be based on field feedback from similar devices used in a similar operating environment.

This panel session will explore the process industries current practices at end user sites, as well as, on major capital projects with regards to failure rate data selection / basis.The topic of discussion will also address what are the various users / consults seeing happening in industry today with regards to proof testing, failure classification and / or failure data analysis required to leverage prior use failure rate data in their end user organization.Are Digital Transformation initiatives backed by corporate IT aligned with abilities to leverage Prior Use Data in the business?Is Prior Use data desirable to the end user community and why or why not?With regards to major capital projects what is happening today with regards to failure rate data used by consultants / EPCs during detailed design?The session will be interactive and allow for audience questions and answers

-Session Moderator Mike Scott (PE, CFSE, ISA84 Co-chair)

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