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Flexible Licensing Model

  • Only pay for what you need

  • Simple size based licensing allows you to grow as you go

  • Mix and match only the modules you need

  • Short duration based licensing available for capital projects

Enterprise Level Solution

  • Configure application based organizational structure and define who has access to business units, specific plant sites, facilities, etc.

  • Create permission groups with user rights to view, edit, check, and/ or approve data

  • Unlimited users working in the same project

Powerful Data Management

  • Never pay to type data twice

  • Easily bulk insert data from any 3rd party source

  • Edit and manipulate multiple records at once

  • Patented real world model streamlines SIS engineering

Expert Support Team

  • Interface directly with functional safety experts for Process / Functional Safety questions

  • Dedicated help center for access to support and knowledge based articles

  • proven process for software rollout ensuring continued customer success

Templates and Libraries

  • Save manhours and drive consistency on SIF / IPL designs

  • Rapidly create SIL Calcs, SRS, C&E, and Test Plans from templates or existing SIFs / IPLs

  • Templatize an entire process unit (e.g. process heater) to automatically generate SIS documentation

Quick Start Library

  • Leverage the Quick Start Library to reduce rollout cost

  • Includes a robust failure rate library, 8 SIF Templates, 5 IPL templates, and 1 Unit Operation Template

  • Quickly and efficiently begin executing work

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