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aeShield SIL Verification User Based

00152-1 User-Do not include PHA LOPA-Do not include Test Plans-Do not include Templates-Do not include Dashboards-Silver-Full
$5 400.00
In stock
Product Details
Version: 5.0

Design SIFs quickly and easily with aeShield ® SIL Verification. aeShield comes standard with a Quick Start Library ™, so you can hit the ground running with a generic set of equipment definitions including pre-populated failure rate data. Simply execute a SIL Calculation through the SIF Editor, and with aeShield's patented real world model, generate an SRS datasheet and Cause & Effect with no additional work. Consider adding the aeShield Test Plan Module to leverage your SIL Calculation to also generate functional test plans. Whether you have a single small project at one site or 100's of projects across sites throughout your global organization, the aeShield SIL Verification package can support your needs.

Design (SIL Calcs) & Specification (SRS)

  • SIF Editor, Datasheet, IEC 61511 compliance
  • SRS and Verification narrative reports
  • IPL Editor & Datasheet
  • Standards management for customizable instrument library
  • User management for multi-level access
  • Flexible location settings for multi-site / multi-project management
  • Optional - Templates & EUC (Equipment Under Control)

Optional Templates:

With resources continuing to get leaner and meaner, aeShield promotes templatization of safety instrumented functions (SIF) as well asequipment under control (EUC). This functionality allows companies to have their most knowledgeable SIS resources focus on building and maintaining best in class templates. With templates, project engineers can simply replace tags and modify process variables as opposed to writing subjective documentation that takes time to interpret.

Additional aeFacilitator Downloads can be purchased separately.

*aeShield also offers license options in counts greater than 1000 protection layers or greater than 10 users. Also in addition to the Software as a Service pricing shown here, the platform is also available as an On-Prem Solution for clients who prefer to manage their software environment. Please contact or call +1 (864) 404-3082 for volume pricing, On-Prem installations pricing, or any questions regarding solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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aeShield PHA / LOPA

aeShield SIL Verification


Test Plans

aeShield Dashboards




Locations / projects / Permissions

Project logos


Web Editor & Reports

PHA LOPA Narrative Reports


Design (SIL Calcs) & Specification (SRS)

SIF Editor, Datasheet, IEC 61511 compliance

SRS and Verification Narrative Reports

IPL Editor & Datasheet

Templates & EUC (Equipment Under Control)

Cause & Effects

C&E Matrix Design

Funtional Test Plans

Test Plan Design


Maintenance Tools

Test Results

Failure Data Collection

Event Tracking

Historian Integration


Health Meter


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