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aeFacilitator PHA / LOPA

00140-1 User w/ 1 Desktop download-Silver-Do Not Include Test Plans-Do Not Include Templates-Do Not Include SIL Verification-Do Not Include Dashboards-Full
$1 800.00
In stock
Product Details
Version: 5.0

The cornerstone of a sustainable functional safety program is an accurate Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA). aeShield ® PHA/LOPA module has a dynamic engine that supports risk assessment requirements of OSHA 1910.119 and fully integrates into the process safety lifecycle defined by ISA-84/IEC 61511.

The PHA / LOPA module includes a web-based interface for standards management and reporting. aeFacilitator ® provides an
easy-to-use desktop application that allows users to work offline. Users can then checkout a portion of the location tree, execute the study offline, and upload the study to the central web interface when reconnected to the network. aeShield PHA / LOPA users benefit from all studies accessed through a common interface and the consistency provided through the standards library.


  • Standards management for customizable PHA / LOPA library
  • User management for multi-level access
  • Flexible location settings for multi-site / multi-project management
  • Multiple Editors & Reports
  • PHA / LOPA narrative reports
  • aeFacilitator - Desktop Download, available offline

Additional aeFacilitator Downloads can be purchased separately.

*aeShield also offers license options in counts greater than 1000 protection layers or greater than 10 users. Also in addition to the Software as a Service pricing shown here, the platform is also available as an On-Prem Solution for clients who prefer to manage their software environment. Please contact or call +1 (864) 404-3082 for volume pricing, On-Prem installations pricing, or any questions regarding solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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aeShield PHA / LOPA

aeShield SIL Verification


Test Plans

aeShield Dashboards




Locations / projects / Permissions

Project logos


Web Editor & Reports

PHA LOPA Narrative Reports


Design (SIL Calcs) & Specification (SRS)

SIF Editor, Datasheet, IEC 61511 compliance

SRS and Verification Narrative Reports

IPL Editor & Datasheet

Templates & EUC (Equipment Under Control)

Cause & Effects

C&E Matrix Design

Funtional Test Plans

Test Plan Design


Maintenance Tools

Test Results

Failure Data Collection

Event Tracking

Historian Integration


Health Meter


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