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Cloud Solution

Having easy-to-access, safe, and reliable data are just some of the many benefits from having a cloud environment. Having aeShield software as a service will reduce the burden on your IT, and ensure that you have the resources necessary to perform anything your engineers will need. 

With our hosting services you can have confidence that your data is secure.

Eliminate the cost of setting up hardware, and maintaining a datacenter.

Receive new features, functionality, and updates every 3 weeks.

You will also have access to hundreds of knowledge articles and release notes in our help center, to stay up to date with the latest upgrades. All of these updates are done during short maintenance windows so there is limited interruption to the user experience.

With an availability over 99.9% availability you can always count on being able to access your data, without compromise. Our customers know and have confidence that their data is always secure, private, reliable, and available.

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