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With over 20 years of process safety lifecycle consulting experience, aeShield has developed an extensive library to help companies hit the ground running with

aeShield ®. The library supports the entire lifecycle and includes templates for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Calculations, Safety Requirements Specification (SRS), and functional test plans. Using the aeShield ® Quick Start Library as a springboard for development of your own project, site or even corporate library, users can quickly and efficiently begin executing work. The library includes templates for commonly used Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) and other Non-SIF Independent Protection Layers (IPLs). Grouping SIFs and Non-SIF IPLs, user can create libraries of entire systems or Equipment  Under Control (EUC) (i.e. fired devices, compressor stations, etc.).This results in significant savings of both time and money compared to building it from scratch.

PHA/LOPA Standard Library Includes:
  • Study roles, deviations, LOPA criteria, and other
    dropdown options

  • Definitions and Recommended Credits

  • Initiating Causes Types

  • Safeguard Types

  • PHA and LOPA Report Outline

  • Checklists:

  • Relief Valve

  • Human Factors

  • Facility Siting

  • Hazard Identification (HAZID)

SIS Libraries & Templatization Includes:
  • 8 Common SIF Designs

  • Datasheets for SRS & SIL Calculations per SIF

  • 5 Common Non-SIF IPLs

  • Datasheet Requirements per IPL

  • Cover Documents for SRS and SIL Calculations

  • 6-Functional Test Plans

  • 1-Sample EUC with a Cause & Effect Matrix

  • Robust Failure Rate Library & Equipment Catalog

  • Functional Safety Assessments (FSA) Checklist

  • Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Audit Checklist




Consolidated Toolkit

With a data model from a risk ranking to an individual device on a protection layer, information seamlessly transfers from one discipline to the next. Traditionally, multiple tools combined with multiple technical disciplines have created communication inefficiencies and version control nightmares throughout the project especially when change occurs – as it always does.

Lastly, aeShield comes equipped with the ability to build protection layer templates and even group multiple templates into equipment under control (i.e. - fired devices, compressor stations, etc.). The following documents can be “templatized”:

  • SIF List

  • IPL List

  • Safety Requirement Specification

    • Cover Document

    • SIF Datasheet

  • Design and Verification Report

    • Cover Document

    • IL Verification per SIF

  • Non-SIF IPL Requirements Datasheet

  • Intersections on Cause & Effect Matrices

  • Test procedures accounting for every device requiring periodic testing

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