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Taking our Mission to Reality

I have been very lucky in my career to have had the opportunity to have a variety of experiences to learn from. I have worked for single manufacturing facilities, supported capital projects, lead product development teams, and eventually found my way to process safety. One of the most rewarding aspects of my career at aeSolutions, and very different from my past experience, is the positive impact I am able to contribute to process safety initiatives across the industry. aeSolutions’ mission statement reads, “To continuously improve the process safety performance of industry”, and I can tell you with conviction that those are not just words.

Every week I have the privilege to work with multiple companies in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and specialty chemical industries. All are wrestling with similar challenges of supporting safety of their employees, their communities, and their environments while maintaining and improving the productivity of their facilities. I am grateful to be invited on that journey with our clients, and to have the opportunity, in addition to sharing lessons learned from across the industry, to develop new lessons through our shared endeavors. It is exciting to see the dedication and commitment of all involved towards continual improvement.

I am humbled to work with a talented and dedicated group of software developers, application specialists, and process safety engineers delivering our aeFacilitator and aeShield software. As our user community continues to grow and mature, we are receiving suggestions submitted from many different perspectives that will add to the continued improvement and performance of process safety across our entire user base. It is extremely rewarding to not only work with industry leading subject matter experts to solve these complex problems, but to also implement these solutions in the concrete form of our software. Being able to then share these solutions with so many others through our software, is really taking our mission to reality every day. To have a part to play in accomplishing this mission, is truly an honor.

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