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Operations and Maintenance

With Key Information Readily Available, Make Informed Operations and Maintenance Decisions 

aeShield® is a fully-integrated application which means you no longer have to make decisions by pulling reports from various systems and manually comparing them to get the data you need. Data collected from production operations  can be integrated with aeShield® and compared against the assumptions made in HAZOP and LOPA, design configurations set in SIS design and results from SIL calculations. Help your operations and maintenance decision makers not only make more informed decisions but make those decisions with confidence through the use of quality results found in aeShield®.

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The Health Meter in aeShield® provides operations decision makers the ability to quickly review key performances indexes across their organization. The list of widgets to be displayed in the dashboard can be configured by the user. The list of available widgets as well as pre-configured widgets is configured by an administrator for the organization. 

Health Meter

As aeShield® is a fully-integrated application the assumptions made during HAZOP and LOPA and design values made in SIS design can be compared against actual production values and results from proof tests. From this information aeShield® can determine where your gaps exist. After identification of gaps ownership for closing the gaps can be determined and the progress of the closure activities followed.

Gap Closure Status

aeShield® is a fully-integrated application allowing for interfaces between devices such as historians and software solutions such as computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Such interfaces are vendor agnostic and can be configured to integrate data via automatic schedules, manual imports or manual entries. Grids exist within aeShield® to review imported data and adjust if necessary. This data drives KPIs available in the health meter as well as other reports and calculations in the application.

Integration - Historian

Through the Cause and Demand Tracking widgets in the Health Meter users can pinpoint unidentified initiating causes, track trip and bypass events and validate risk assumptions made.

Cause and Demand Tracking

Proof Test monitoring via the On-Time Testing widget in the Health Meter allows operations to stay apprised of proof test coverage and frequency. Users can quickly see how systems are performing and track actual test interval values against their designs. 

Proof Test Monitoring

Using the Override Risk Analysis report operations can understand the risk associated with a particular bypass operation. Additionally operations can review other mitigation in place and determine what other IPLs are impacted by a particular override. This information is invaluable and helps ensure safer and more productive override operations.

Bypass Analysis