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Standards Compliance

ISA84 / IEC 61511 was and is critical to the design and continued enhancement of aeShield®. The heart and soul of the standard is to EXECUTE, MONITOR, and SUSTAIN the lifecycle. With aeShield, we didn’t want end users to only become compliant (EXECUTE) by building documentation that sits on a shelf somewhere. Instead, we wanted to maximize the value of the standard by MONITORing protection layer performance, identifying functional safety bad actors, and SUSTAINing the business by removing the risk. SUSTAINing goes both ways, as a bad actor might turn out to be an over conservative estimate enabling future savings.


In order to generate KPIs that validate assumptions early in the process safety lifecycle, it became imperative that aeShield simplify the effort to create compliance documentation and require minimal resources. To achieve this goal we added unique functionality such as templatization and user permissions combined with a stage/gate approach to drive consistent documentation quickly without compromising safety. Our single point of data entry to support PHA / LOPA, SIL Verification, and Safety Requirements including test plans not only contributes to the efficiency, but it also significantly reduces the time to keep the data evergreen and support operations and maintenance activities. To further our mission to make the world safer, we offer unlimited users to make sure the folks and disciplines that intersect with the lifecycle have access to the data required to do their jobs safely.


Facilities have valuable data that is being collected on a daily basis in historians and maintenance management systems (CMMS). Unfortunately, this data can turn in to needles in a massive haystack as engineers try to compare it against PHA / LOPA assumptions and design criteria in safety requirements. Therefore, we have built simple interfaces to both historians and CMMS regardless of manufacturer. These interfaces bring vital events into aeShield and compare the events directly against compliance documentation. This benchmarking process can quickly identify bad actors. Our location tree provides roll-up analysis that creates a virtual organization of best practices.  This analysis simply allows you to pair people surrounding well managed equipment with people surrounding bad actors and promotes knowledge sharing between the good and bad to pull the bad up to the good.


Through monitoring and comparing against compliance documentation, customers can now remove risk in the form of inaccurate assumptions and faulty equipment. aeShield will support the critical question and answer piece of the process safety lifecycle. Are your protection layers being demanded more often than assumed? If so, what other mitigations are in place and do you need more? Are your devices being tested on time in accordance with your SIL calculations? Are the failure rates being used to generate probabilities of failure on demand (PFDs) too conservative? If so, let’s start extending test intervals to save the company money. On the other hand, based on your installation and service, is the failure rate greater than the generics originally used? If so, this may expose you to more risk than assumed; is this really the business you should be in?

EXECUTE, MONITOR, and SUSTAIN are at the heart of ISA84 / IEC 61511. aeShield is built to maximize the value of the lifecycle and make safety simple through the joys of technology.

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