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Software Features

Safety lifecycle software tools from aeSolutionsTM can help organizations execute, monitor and sustain the safety lifecycle as defined by IEC 61511.

Many companies are using disparate systems to manage the different portions of the safety lifecycle. Have many different sources of truth results in data becoming stale across systems, greater cost of management and most importantly gaps arise that remain undetected.

aeShield and the safety lifecycle
aeShield with aeFacilitator covers the entire safety lifecycle

Note clause references for IEC 61511

Software such as aeShield with aeFacilitator can help your organization bring safety lifecycle under one roof with one source of truth. Our software covers all stages of the process from HAZOP/LOPA to the O&M stage allowing those at each stage of the process to have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information. Changes made in the SIS design are available to all other stages of the process making reporting efficient and those performing O&M aware of changes when they perform their testing.

Click the stage of the process safety lifecycle below to learn how our software can assist with that stage and how it integrates at that stage with all other stages.