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Robust SIL Calculation Engine

Do you currently have this capability? 

I’ve finally found a compliant SIL engine that is easy to use and seamlessly communicates with all of my process safety documentation. Leveraging templates minimizes design costs regardless of complexity.

- SIS Design Engineer

Embedded and Easy-to-Use

Design SIFs quickly and easily with aeShield®. When aeShield is coupled with our Quick Start Library™, you can hit the ground running with a generic set of equipment definitions including failure rate data. Additionally, common SIF templates are provided for immediate instantiation making SIL calculations simple.

Powerful Features and Benefits

SIL calculations are made simple and lifecycle-enabled while ensuring IEC 61511 / ISA 84 compliance by:

  • LOPA Targets from aeFacilitator® or External Imports
  • Easy SIF Library Creation via Quick Start Library
    • Promote Existing SIFs to Library
    • Create SIFs from Library or Existing SIF
    • Package IPLs into Equipment Under Control
    • Reuse or Clone any Level of SIF Architecture
  • Robustness: Multiple Layers of Voting, and Common Cause Factors | Partial Stroke Testing | Multiple Logic Solvers | Accounts for Architectural Constraints



  • Calculate PFDavg | MTTFs | STR for Entire SIF, Inputs, Logic Solver(s), and Outputs
  • Simultaneous Sensitivity Analysis on Multiple SIFs
  • Integrate with (single place for data entry):
    • Safety Requirements Specification
    • Design Verification Report
    • Functional Test Procedures
    • Cause & Effect Intersections
  • Manually Enter Calcs at any Level of SIF Architecture
  • Manage Multiple Failure Rate Data Sets
  • Attach External Drawings and Make Comments
  • Manage User Permissions for Approval Process
  • Real-time SIL Calculations based on Testing Records
  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control on Algorithms per Voting Combinations and MoCs when Required