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SIS Design

Robust SIL Calculation Engine

Design SIFs quickly and easily with aeShield®. When aeShield is coupled with our Quick Start Library™, you can hit the ground running with a generic set of equipment definitions including failure rate data. Additionally, common SIF templates are provided for immediate instantiation making SIL calculations simple.

Safety Requirements Specification

Stale data is a thing of the past. With aeShield, information entered during the design of your SIS including the SIL calculation is automatically available in the Safety Requirements Specification datasheet. Users can build individual SRS datasheets for each safety instrumented function. We provide shading within the datasheet to show the areas from which data is pulled.  The SRS also has letter indicators to let the user know how each field is related to the IEC 61511 standard. Templates make management a breeze. SRS datasheet templates can be created providing default content for any datasheet based on the template. 

Cause & Effects

C&E documents are generated from information entered as a result of the SIF design. Changes made at any point to the SIF architecture are immediately reflected during the next C&E document generation. 

Proof Tests

Proof Test Plans are a key documentation and execution requirement for the safety lifecycle and ensure devices continue to operate as required. aeShield® includes Template management for test procedures which drives consistency and completeness in the development of test plans. Results from the tests can be entered back into the system and the data utilized by health meters and other reports to compare the results against expected values.