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Risk Assessments

Lifecycle-Enabled PHA and LOPA Engine

The cornerstone of a sustainable functional safety program is an accurate Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA). aeShield® has a dynamic PHA/LOPA engine that supports risk assessment requirements of OSHA 1910.119 and fully integrates into the process safety lifecycle defined by ISA-84/IEC 61511. Additional benefits include:

  • PHA/LOPA Tightly Integrated
  • Bad Actor Identification
  • Cause or Consequence Based
  • Flexible Library Settings
  • Recommendation Tracking
  • Cause Summing
  • Revision Control
  • Data Migration Tools
  • Multiple Risk Matrices
  • Complete Reporting
  • Gap Assignments
  • Configurable Checklists

Track and Close Risk Gaps

Once you complete a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and its associated Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for your facility, you have a list of gaps, LOPA recommendations, and perhaps legacy PHA/HAZOP recommendations. This list can add to the myriad of compliance-driven requests for capital versus ROI-based requests. Use the Gap Assignment Module to provide LOPA gap tracking, review associated costs, and quickly make business decisions on prioritization of risk-reduction related projects.