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Features by License Level

The following table outlines the availability of feature sets in aeShield and aeFacilitator by license level. Should you have any questions regarding this table, the feature sets described within or the levels described please contact us for additional information and assistance.

Feature Sets Basic Standard Advanced Lifecycle
aeFacilitator PHA/LOPA
  aeFacilitator X X X X
  Desktop (X) (X) (X) (X)
SIS Design Sil Verification        
  SIL Calculations X X X X
  SRS & IPL Datasheet X X X X
  SIF & IPL Templates     X X
Specification Maintenance        
  Test Plans   X X X
  Test Plan Templates     X X
  Test Plan Results / Collection       X
Test Plans Monitoring        
  Health Meters       X

(X) = Optional Add-In Available