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Data Conversion Made Simple

Are you letting the effort of migrating existing data into new technology hold you back?

The reality of our situation is that the data required to support the process safety lifecycle is all over the place and in different formats.

- HSE Supervisor

Our Solution

aeSolutions has an implementation process to convert existing critical process safety information into our safety lifecycle management software. We recognize the historical spend creating the existing documentation; therefore, we focus on retaining its value in the most cost effective manner. Our process, tooling, and people ensure minimized cost regardless of types and formats of existing data. Let us help make your implementation efficient and effective.

Unlock the Value of Existing Data

Our ingredients for cost effective data conversion includes:

  • Flexible “Real World Model”
  • Process Safety Templates
  • Equipment Under Control
  • Advanced Copy/Clone Features
  • Data “Cleansing” Toolkit
  • Automated Validation
  • Capital Project Planning
  • Revalidation Cycles
  • Experts in Process Safety

Is data conversion keeping you from where you want to go?

Types of existing data may include:

  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Layer of Protection Analysis
  • Integrity‐level Verification
  • Safety Requirements Specification
  • Instrument Index/Register
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams
  • Functional Test Procedures

Formats of existing data may include:

  • Single‐user software(s)
  • Read‐only documentation
  • Spreadsheets and other flat files
  • Custom databases / home‐grown tools
  • Maintenance management systems
  • Intelligent drawings
  • Technical personnel


Don’t let data conversion be a barrier for:

making safety simple.